A Conversation with ISTO

We love to learn a little bit more about the brands that we stock at Resident. It's great to know the people behind the design and understand a little bit more about what makes them tick. In our latest conversation, we caught up with one of ISTO's founders, Pedro Palha.


R: What's the story behind ISTO, when did it start and what are your backgrounds?

P: Myself, Pedro Gaspar and Vasco Mendonça started ISTO. in June 2017, but we started to think about it back in December 2016. I have a management degree and past experiences in start-ups, while Gaspar and Vasco worked in design, branding, comms and marketing for the past 10 years. We all felt menswear was stuck in a rut and felt like doing something about it, so the connection happened instantly.

We started by looking at the brand landscape in the category and figured out where we wanted to be and exactly why we wanted to do this. The vision and purpose soon developed into a business model and later flourished into the brand you now know as ISTO, with the help of Pedro Gaspar, our designer-in-chief. We never quite found a way to use it as a tagline, but all three of us knew the best word to summarise our approach was transparency. We prefer to say bullshit-free.

Pedro Palha

R: Who or what inspires the clothing you make?

P: There are a few brands out there that inspire us, but we always thought about being the basics go-to brand with a little Portuguese southern touch. The colours, the quality, the sustainability... that's what inspire us!

R: Tell us a bit about the production of your clothing - who makes it and where?

P: All our production happens in the north of Portugal - where some of the best suppliers in the world are. Organic Cotton comes from Turkey - in raw material - to Portugal and then everything is made here. SOMELOS takes care of the fabric; DOCAS takes care of the making.

R: If you didn't run ISTO, what would you be doing?

P: I don't see myself running any other business than ISTO! Or... I would probably be in a startup business, trying to help scale the business and expanding it internationally.

R: What album are you playing most at ISTO HQ right now?

P: Definitely 'Amen Dunes - Freedom' (listening to it right now!! Bomb!)

R: What's next for ISTO? Do you have any exciting plans for 2018 and beyond?

P: The rest of 2018 will be super exciting as we will launch our first two women's pieces. Along with this we'll increase our men's basics collection too.. a few great products in the making!

You can shop the ISTO collection - including 100% organic cotton and linen shirts - here.

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