Interior Oasis at Resident Store

We're delighted to welcome Interior Oasis into our Frome store as our new pop-up.

Interior Oasis window display Resident Store

As well as a magnificent window display (styled by Hana Snow), we have a selection of planters and terrariums in the store including the desert range. Inspired by the welcome sight of a desert oasis, the Desert range offers unusual planting in a unique style. Decorated with natural wood and coloured gravel, this range gives you the potential to bring a small slice of a hot, desert climate, into any room of your home.

Interior Oasis at Resident Store detail

The Desert terrariums come in beautiful and elegant handmade LSA glassware. The scenes include various succulents and cacti, including Echeverias, Aloe Vera, Euphorbia and Leuchtenbergia; which are planted amongst naturally occurring pink and white gravel to give the scene a real feeling of warmth

Interior Oasis will be with us until the end of August and will only be available in-store, so make sure you drop by to check it out!

Interior Oasis Terrarium at Resident Store

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