Makers Broadcast - an audio series about makers by Hatchet + Bear

Sometimes, there's nothing better than spending some time simply listening to the stories of other people. Letting yourself get swept up in the thoughts, feelings and the journey of another human being can be a revelatory experience, and is something we probably don't do enough.

Being a design-led store, and being based in the beautiful county of Somerset, we were thrilled to discover local woodworker EJ Osborne (aka Hatchet + Bear) has embarked on a new project entitled Makers Broadcasta series of interviews with designers and makers - which quenches both our thirst for enriching, inviting stories with a desire to learn more about the process of designing and making direct from those that do it for a living. 

There are 6 episodes so far - introducing us to potters, frame builders and driftwood artists, to name just a few - with more on the way. The episodes are honest, informative and a wonderful listen. Stick on your headphones, curl up with a mug of hot tea and listen - it'll be worth it. 


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