Meet the neighbours: Bramble & Wild

In the first of a new series of Journal posts, we take a little wander around the beautiful town of Frome to meet some of our neighbours.

We're very lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly talented and dedicated independent shop owners, cafes, designers and craftspeople - so we thought we'd share the love a bit and find out a little more about them. To kick things off, we sent our roving reporter, Maddy, to meet our local florist, Bramble & Wild.

 Bramble & Wild Front Door

Bramble & Wild sits near the bottom of St Catherine’s Hill and is a rustic florist run by Grace with the help of Kirsty. As well as providing flower arrangements for weddings, Bramble & Wild also stock a range of flowers in-store to create custom bouquets providing Frome with a burst of colour and scents.

Tell us a little about you and your shop?

Grace: We opened here [in Frome] about 6 years ago. We started in a different shop, at the top of Catherine’s Hill, and then, about 3 years ago, we moved into this space - a bigger shop but still not big enough! We specialise in country flowers – we try to do something a little different from other florists.

Bramble & Wild floral display

What’s your background? Have you always wanted to be a florist?

I have basically been a florist my whole life and, after one evening class, I fell in love with it. So, after apprenticeships and working in other shops, I opened Bramble & Wild. Kirsty has been with me for 4 years now, she also comes from a fine art and creative background.

What drew you to Frome?

Grace: I actually came to Frome quite accidently. I was desperate to open my own shop and there happened to be a really nice one available here and from there I found my shop. I can’t claim to have done a load of market research on what happens to be an amazing place. I just found it and was incredibly lucky. We opened on a weekend when the artisan market was on and it just gave me the sense I had found an amazing place.

Bramble & Wild display

What would be your recommendations in Frome?

Grace: For lunch, we always like the Garden Café, but we’re desperate to try the Fat Radish. We hear the [Palmer Street] Bottle Shop is very good and you can get a really nice cocktail from The River House too.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Grace: Cottage gardens, potting sheds... I guess, with a hint of industrial interiors. We have geometric items like the terrariums and cacti alongside the more traditional florals, but I like that contrast.

Bramble & Wild ceiling display

How do source your products and flowers?

Grace: We have a couple of suppliers: one of which is Bristol-based and they buy directly from Holland, and the other one is in Holland. Then in summer we use British flowers if we can get them, especially for weddings. We grow some flowers ourselves too, so all the sweet peas and cosmos for our upcoming weddings have come from our gardens and we hope to expand on that. It’s not been easy this year but hopefully by next year we will have more of base to produce more of our own flowers we have here in the shop.

You can find Bramble & Wild at 4 Catherine Hill, Frome, BA11 1BY and at

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