Parterre Fragrances

Last year we started a process of trying to source more of our products locally and with a view to offering more sustainable options where we can. The products still need to be beautiful, well-designed and functional but if they can sustainably produced then all the better.

We've long admired Parterre fragrances after first talking with them a few years ago when they visited Frome and introduced their products to us. The key ingredients for all Parterre Fragrances are grown and distilled at Keyneston Mill in Dorset. Their skilled team oversee the production process from seeds and seedlings, through planting in the crop fields, to harvest and distillation. The intensity of fragrance is achieved through care and nurturing of the plants, and picking at the optimum moment. It's knowing what to grow and when to grow – but also when to harvest, distill and refine.

Parterre, Keyneston Mill Dorset

The fragrances themselves are developed using the Parterre essential oils by Master Perfumer, Jacques Chabert (Chanel, Guerlain), with his small family-run team in Grasse. The result is outstanding, beautifully crafted fragrances.

We're very pleased to be offering two of Parterre's fragrances in our store - Run of The River and The Hour of Dusk & Gold - two very different but equally enthralling scents. We have both in 50ml and 10ml bottles and, what's even better (and very unusual in the perfume world, trust us, we've spent a lot of time researching this!) is we can offer refills to our customers.

Bring the bottle back into the store and we'll swap it out for a new one. The empty bottle then goes back to Parterre to be refilled before coming back to us meaning no more bottles are produced in our little closed-loop. What's even better still is a refill will cost you £10 less than your first purchase, so it really is a win-win.

You can shop the Parterre range here.



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