Post & Packaging Our 2019 Christmas window.

Say hello to our 2019 Christmas window, 'Post & Packaging'. It's maybe a bit of an odd choice to put crumpled bits of paper on display, but there is a point to whole thing...
Each year I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how the shop is going to look come Christmas, and inevitably as each year go past the plans and ideas get bigger and more audacious. This year though, it felt a little off key to spend lots of money on new 'stuff', so whilst rambling around in the stock room bagging up a particularly large piece of crumpled brown paper (the centrepiece in the image above), the idea struck.
This year, our windows are decorated almost entirely using left over packaging material from the deliveries we receive, repurposed into decorative and sculptural pieces. I've mixed in products and gift ideas (we are a shop, after all), and have added some simple white vinyl to the glass to make a little more festive but everything else is recycled.
What's the message? Without being too preachy, it's about buying better and buying less. Christmas can be such a stressful time of year for many of us, and the pressure to spend big and buy lots of stuff can be overwhelming, but we can all make better choices and hold our nerve when the big boys come wading in with their Black Friday's and big sales messages. Hold tight, consider your gifts carefully and buy better, buy less.

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