Simply Still exhibition by Holly Brown

holly brown simply still exhibition

In our first exhibition in our new space, we're delighted to welcome Frome-based artist Holly Brown with a selection work from her upcoming show, 'Simply Still'.

Her work will be on display and available to buy until the end of January 2021 upstairs at our shop at 26 Catherine Hill, Frome. 

holly brown simply still detail

In July of this year Holly travelled with her family to Italy for a month. It was there at her husband's family home in Tuscany that she painted her first collection of contemporary still life artworks. She was inspired by the abundant produce available at Viottolne. Her father-in-law, artist Vincenzo Torcello, allowed her free reign in his studio and it was here she experienced the liberation of painting with beautiful and natural pigments in a freeing and experimental way. Colour, shape and form became the base note of how she approached every artwork. The full collection will be exhibited in March 2021, the exhibition named, 'Simply Still', will be Holly's debut show as an artist. The selection for Resident are original and are all for sale. 

holly brown simply still fireplace

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