Spring clean your skin - 5 beauty products you need for this season

Here at Resident we pride ourselves on offering a range of natural, organic skincare from the likes of Honest Skincare, Herbivore Botanicals and Hopsctoch. We love all the products we have equally (after all, we chose them), but couldn't resist asking writer, blogger and all-round wonderful human, Laura Feasey, to choose her favourite 5 for spring/summer. Here's what she picked.

Winter may finally be behind us, but your beauty routine might still need a little spring in its step. Here are five picks from my beauty bag to bring your skin into the summer season.


1 - Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Conditioner

herbivore coco rose lip conditioner

I admit it. I totally judged this book by its cover - It's packaged in a delicate glass jar, boxed in nude pink with minimal branding... but my love for Herbivore's Coco Rose Lip Conditioner is more than superficial. Its rosy fragrance is perfect for this blossoming season and it's basically my knight in shining armour after a winter of battling dry skin.


2 - Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Polish

herbivore collection

If like me, you have a tendency to bite the dry skin off your lips (shameful, I know), then the Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Polish is some much-needed therapy. Essentially a scrub for your lips, it'll get rid of any dry skin and give you a refreshing little plump. Use it before your favourite lip stain or the Herbivore Conditioner. They're both made from organic virgin coconut oil, which is one of the beauty industry's latest wonder ingredients.


3 - Honest Cedar & Pine Soap

honest cedar&pine soap

I have been searching for the holy grail of skincare for years, and this, I love. The smell of it puts me in mind of Mad Men style grooming rooms and vintage barbers - It's lightly fragranced, clean and refreshing. After two weeks use it has mattified my skin and it preps the surface beautifully for primer and foundation. I use it every morning, alongside a skin scrub a couple of times a week.


4 - Hopscotch Refresh Bath Salts

hopscotch refresh bath salts

Ok, total indulgence time. Having just moved house I was luxury- bath starved for at least a month, which pained me as I like to soak in the tub for a good hour with an interesting read and a profusion of candles. Hopscotch Refresh Bath Salts were the perfect excuse to break in my new bath. This divine pot feels luxurious; a mixture of dried petals, dead sea salts and epsom salts, they look beautiful floating in the water and they'll even draw out toxins and relieve muscle ache. They smell intoxicating as soon as you open them, my boyfriend said they smelled of cake (he's a lemon drizzle fiend), either way, they are delicious.


5 - Hopscotch Rose & Bergamot Room Spray

hopscotch rose & bergamot room spray

This rose and bergamot blend comes from wholesome brand Hopscotch. Made in London and 100% natural, I like to think it's my own slice of the city to spray in my home. Bergamot and rose spell relaxation and warmth, perfect for some downtime (I like to mist mine across the cushions of my reading nook).

About Laura
Laura is a published fiction writer from London, who is currently working on her debut novel - a fictional tale inspired by her travels across America. Laura has also written lifestyle pieces for magazines such as Perdiz, DOG and Caboodle. She blogs at lady-face.com and you can also find her on Instagram @laurafeasey

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