White Doe Pop-Up at Resident

White DoeWe're very excited to announce that organic and slow fashion label, White Doe, will be popping up in our store from Saturday 23rd June to coincide with St Catherine's Summer Pop-Up (more detail on that here).

Founder and designer, Jane Massey, will be joining us in store showcasing a selection of her gorgeous organic bamboo silk creations, including kimonos, dresses and shirts for women.

About White Doe

White Doe came to exist naturally after being inspired by every aspect of the journeys I have been on with my daughters. From the vast deserts of the Joshua Tree, to the magic of the Yosemite forests, to the beauty of the East coast of Australia.

When creating new pieces, I think, how will this make me feel? Will I feel beautiful in this? I see nature, the jungle, and the sea we all love so much. Then I imagine what I would want to be wearing, and from there I draw my inspiration. In every aspect of White doe, I want to reflect that love and beauty I feel in nature, and to honour it. 

This is why I chose to use bamboo silk. It's the fastest growing plant on Earth, and also one of the most sustainable to use. Each piece is then selectively dyed using Oeko-Tex standard, eco reactive dye, reflecting different hues found in nature. And lastly, creating a line where the cut of each item of clothing, and the texture and drape of fabric, empower each woman that wear White Doe. 

For more, visit whitedoe.co

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