Ceramic - Hasami Porcelain Medium Clear Coffee Cup

Hasami Porcelain Medium Clear Coffee Cup

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Hasami Porcelain Medium Clear coffee cup, 85x89mm.

Hasami's Porcelain stoneware is made from a combination of Hasami clay and unglazed porcelain at a specific ratio for strength and durability. Clean lines and simple geometry make their work effortlessly beautiful, but also very functional - each piece is designed as a stackable 'module' so smaller cups can be stacked on top of other cups of differing heights.

- 100% Porcelain Mug

- Clear/pale blue finish

- Modular, Stackable Design

- One Size Ø (diameter) 8.5 cm x H 8.9 cm

- Handmade in Hasami, Japan

- Product code: HPM020

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