Roo Bannister Amelia Alabaster Earrings

Roo Bannister

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Amelia, in Latin means industrious and brave

The classic

The Amelia Earrings are inspired by the marble columns of the Classical World. They are chunky hoop earrings formed from hand-marbled maple wood capped in solid sterling silver. Each pair is a unique creation made by my two hands.


  • Maple Wood & Sterling Silver

  • Marbled with organic ink black & white

  • Hand painted with a matte varnish

  • Marbled Maple (the soft beige of the naked maple wood)

  • Size (4cm)

  • Lightweight

  • Closed with a sterling silver push stopper

A cause for compassion

Amelia belongs to the 'Pillars of Strength' collection, from which, a portion of profits from each piece sold will support the compassionate work of mental health charities in the UK. 


The Amelia Earrings can't swim! Please remove them to bathe, shower and swim, and even to sleep to avoiding damaging them or yourself. 

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